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Six degrees of Patty Hearst: Ronald Reagan, Jane Pauley, Jim Jones and more

Siliconvalley has a long article Jul 31: She later turned up at the Hearst’s Hillsborough mansion, demanding a job. (more…)

East Tampa kids rallying to stop the violence

Health – Kron4 Jul 30: They’re part of ‘Safe and Sound Hillsborough’, a community organization which treats violence as a public health crisis. (more…)

Hillsborough murder: Evidence points to Olivier Adella as body dumper, attorney says

Crime – Mercurynews Jul 26: REDWOOD CITY — Authorities have evidence that murder defendant Olivier Adella traveled to the North Bay within twelve hrs. of the death of Millbrae resident Keith Green, whose decomposing body was found May 11… (more…)

Committee seeks answers to growing problems with airplane noise

Politics – Mercurynews Jul 21: Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough; and Samuel Farr, D-Carmel. (more…)

East Palo Alto imposes development moratorium due to lack of water

Politics and finance – Comprehensive coverage in Mercurynews Jul 20: With a high share of small lots and multiple-family housing, East Palo Alto consumes less than 57 gallons per person a day, while the tony community of Hillsborough with its luxurious gardens uses more than 301 gallons per person each day. (more…)

Hillsborough man charged in deaths of workers at Bernal Heights granite company

Kron4 Jul 14: “Employers can not simply send their workers into unsafe work conditions not trained and without the appropriate equipment,” Gascon commented in a statement. (more…)

SF granite company owner charged in on-job deaths of 2 workers

Sfgate Jul 14: Peng, who lives in Hillsborough, was jailed Mon and released after posting $600,000 bail. (more…)






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Palo Alto splits openers in Babe Ruth age group tournaments

Paloaltoonline has a long article Jul 9: Menlo-Atherton’s run in the Little League all-star tournament came to an end Sat in a 13-3 setback to Hillsborough. (more…)

Dog rescued from Selmon Expy. reunited with owner

Traffic – KTVU Jun 29: It all started in the eastbound lanes of the expressway, where it crosses the Hillsborough River. (more…)

Hillsborough murder: Tiffany Li returns to court to enter plea

Crime – Mercurynews Jun 23: May 21 at her luxury home on West Santa Inez Avenue in Hillsborough. (more…)

Jackie Speier, in gun-control speech, shows bullet taken from her body

Mercurynews Jun 23: Speier, D-Hillsborough, held up a plastic sleeve containing a dumdum, or expanding bullet, that she keeps in a drawer in her home. (more…)


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Northern Ireland’s Montalto Estate proves the ideal getaway

News – Losaltosonline Jun 8: We recently spent a week in Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom located in the northeast corner of the island. (more…)

San Mateo County supervisor race: Four candidates in historic election

Politics – Lengthy story in Mercurynews Jun 7: Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough. (more…)

Hillsborough mother Tiffany Li to appear on murder charge

Crime – Mercurynews May 24: Tiffany Li, Kaveh Bayat and Olivier Adella each face a charge of felony murder, along with a special allegation that one of them was armed with a gun while carrying out the homicide of Keith Green, who was Li’s ex-boyfriend and the father of… (more…)

Suspects charged for murder of Millbrae father Keith Green

Crime – Kron4 May 24: Li and Bayat were both jailed on Sat after police raided Li’s Hillsborough home at West Santa Inez Avenue and Chelmsford Road. (more…)



Paul Walker meet in Santa Rosa CA

Youtube: …some of the cars from this fridays paul walker memorial meet rip.


Sheriff: Hillsborough mother jailed in connection with Keith Green killing

Mercurynews May 23: Authorities jailed Olivier Adella, fourty on Fri evening at a home in Burlingame. (more…)


Ex-Girlfriend, Two Others Arrested In Millbrae Man’s Murder

Sanfrancisco Cbslocal May 23: Using info gathered during the investigation, detectives obtained 2 search warrants late last week for a residence in Burlingame and a residence in Hillsborough. (more…)


Inkster unlikely to play in first U.S. Women’s Open held in California in her pro career

Golf – Santacruzsentinel May 23: If Inkster has a change of heart about playing, USGA executive committee member Stuart Francis of Hillsborough indicated she would probably not have much of a problem receiving an exemption to compete in… (more…)


Arraignment Tuesday for 3 people accused of killing Millbrae man

KTVU May 24: Li and Bayat were taken into custody on May 21, after San Mateo SWAT officers raided a home in Hillsborough at four in the morning (more…)


3 Arrested for Suspicion of Murder in Connection with Body Found in Healdsburg

KSRO May 24: ABC7 reports that there was a bitter break-up involving infidelty and other grumpy recriminations between Green and his girlfriend Tiffany Li, a Hillsborough woman from an affluent family. (more…)


Ex-girlfriend of slain Millbrae father, 2 others arrested

Sfgate May 23: 2 police raids over the weekend, including one executed at a Hillsborough mansion, led to the arrests of 3 people on suspicion of murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the killing of a Millbrae father of 2 young girls,… (more…)


Three arrested in murder of Millbrae father Keith Green

Kron4 May 23: HILLSBOROUGH — 3 people have been apprehended in connection to the murder of 27-year-old Millbrae father Keith Green who went missing back in Apr San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday. (more…)